Professional courses

Eclissi Nail System was born with the aim of making you competitive on the market. Beside the sale of products, Our strength is the method of nail reconstruction. We can guarantee you the best training in the field of nail word and in the whole aesthetic field. Eclissi nail system counts three great schools of aesthetics and puts at your disposal highly specialized and qualified teachers who will take care of your professional growth. With us you will have what is truly ESSENTIAL to differentiate your wo.

Who they are for

Our training course is aimed at those who want to become a professional in the nail sector. Those who want to start this career can immediately attend our full 16-day path and be able to work while starting from scratch. Or, take advanced courses to reach a much higher level of preparation. With the eclipse method you will be prepared to enter the labour market .


Your and our goal will be to face a complete training course to have all the knowledge that will allow you to start a professional and highly competitive career path. Eclissi nail system can meet your expectations starting from the training to the product. A perfect fusion to make the difference.

Certificates and Kits

For each training course you will be issued a certificate of participation which will become an excellent business card for your career. Furthermore, by participating in our courses, you will receive a complete kit for each individual course, which will allow you to work even after the course. With Eclissi you can also choose the school path with a regional certificate recognized throughout Europe, to work as a beautician or open your own beauty center.