We have always been pioneers in the field of Nail World.
After years of sacrifice, hard work and strong emotions, Eclissi Nail System is born.
A new brand, a new concept designed for all the professionals in the sector...designed for you.

Made 100% in Italy, Eclissi will be a fantastic discover that will make you the protagonist of beauty!


Eclissi Nail System was created to make you competitive on the beauty Market, with quality, training and innovation.
We represent the ESSENTIAL, which every professional must have. We live on pure emotions and we want to share them with you!

For this reason, with the semi-permanent nail polish line of Eclissi Nail System, each of your customers will be able to reveal real emotions, by wearing the color that tells herself! Whether it is you recommending the right color or that it is your client choice, your work will become a unique experience that you will share together with your customers.
Our mission is to give you emotions with the essentials: an innovative style that is always updated at any time of the year!

Join our team!

Becoming part of the Eclissi Nail System world will let you discover that Nail World is not just fashion, but a way to express yourself. The most important thing is always know how to listen to your customers by recommending the most suitable solutions to their emotions.

For this Eclissi Nail System can be defined the essential for your work. In addition to our products, we can guarantee you continuous training and continuous updates to never fall behind, at your disposal you will find highly specialized and qualified people who will take care of your growth.
So you will have what is truly ESSENTIAL to differentiate your work.