Technic bag

The Mary Boyd technical bag is the result of the collaboration of nail technician apprentices from the Salerno school of the same name who have collected innovative suggestions and ideas to create an elegant and useful accessory for those who carry out this profession.

The 'technical bag' is made in the timeless black color and in waterproof and very wear-resistant polyester fabric. The comfortable padded and adjustable shoulder straps allow you to carry it on the shoulder balancing the weight and leaving ample freedom of movement to the arms. Between the shoulder straps there is a sok handle, made of technical fabric, for an immediate grip.

The zips are made of high quality material and tested for intended use, they seal the contents perfectly, ensuring it from external agents.

The bag is divided into three compartments: a large and capacious central section, designed to carry work tools (overalls, cutters, brushes, files, pads etc ..); a section located at the base and characterized by a more rigid structure, inside which there is a removable separator, ideal for protecting the lamps from any impact; an upper section with a convenient semi-rigid grid where you can insert up to 40 bottles of nail polish. The separating grid is easily removable, so that the colors can be immediately shown to your customers.

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Technic Bag Mary Boyd Technic Bag Mary Boyd
Technic bag

Technic Bag Mary Boyd

The tool bag by Eclissi Nail System was created in collaboration with twenty five students of our course held in the Mary Boyd school in the city of Salerno (south Italy).  We have listened to every need and satisfied every request.  This backpack is made to guarantee functionality and comfort.  This bag is divided in three department: The first is the top side of the bag that allows you to insert the bottles of nail polishes, gels and decorations in a soft separator. made to have all bottles lifted up and ready to be picked. The second is the central compartment, that is large and contains all work tools such as brush case, nail files, aprons and more.  The third is the lower compartment which is the side bottom and has been designed for two lamps and chargers. It has a rigid, waterproof removable layer that protects your lamps from any impact with the ground or exposure to water. 

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